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TatraDAS is written in Delphi/Object Pascal language. Few routines are optimized using built-in assembler (x86). GUI version uses these components:

  • SynEdit - multiline edit with syntax higlighting (and many other features)
  • MPHexEditor - hexadecimal editor

Windows version (GUI or Console) compiled with Delphi uses FastMM4 memory manager

So to compile TatraDAS yourself you need:

  • for GUI version
    • Borland Delphi 6, 7, 2005, 2006 or 2007
    • components*:
      • SynEdit - version 2.0.6 is used in TatraDAS 2.9.9
      • MPHexEdit - version 12-06-2006 (released on December 06, 2006) is used in TatraDAS 2.9.9
      • FastMM4 - version 4.92 is used in TatraDAS 2.9.9
  • for console version

Both versions require source code of TatraDAS :)
More detailed compilation instructions are placed in README.TXT in source code package.

*- these components (relevant parts) can be downloaded as one zip file from download section.

Current version:
1. August 2009

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